Noord Europese Houtimport is big on European spruce and pine

As an importer and agent, Noord Europese Houtimport has access to the complete range of selected qualities of spruce and pine from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Latvia and Estonia in all produced dimensions and qualities. There are many possibilities thanks to a large network of sawmills, each with its own specialisation. Directly from the sawmill, mainly full or half loads are sold, but it is also possible to order single packs from stock. The cooperation with these renowned sawmills contributes to a high level of quality.

Noord Europese Houtimport also offers a large range of planed spruce in standard dimensions. We deliver directly to the timber trade, the building materials trade and to the wood-processing industry such as carpentry and staircases, packaging and the packaging industry.

99% of the traded timber is PEFC™ or FSC® certified and therefore demonstrably produced in a sustainable manner. In addition, North European Wood Import is also ISPM15 certified.


Noord Europese Houtimport was established in 1925 in Amsterdam. From the 1960s onwards, the company took stakes in various timber traders in order to create a stable market situation. In 1977, the shares were sold to the Swedish sawmill Iggesund A.B. In 1993, all the subsidiaries were sold and Noord Europese Houtimport continued as an importer of spruce and pine. In 1997 Iggesund Timber stopped the production of spruce.

Due to changes in the market in the following years, the supply of wood by boat continued to decline and eventually almost all wood was delivered by trailer. This led to the real estate, including the unloading quay, being sold and transshipment being transferred to Terminal Delfzijl.

As of 01 January 2006, all activities and staff were taken over by Gras Wood Wide in Zaandam.


In 2017, our company was given a new umbrella name: Gras Wood Wide. The name ‘BV Houthandel v/h F. & G. Gras’ was established in 1917. Exactly 100 years later, it was time for a new name. One that covers the (international) load. Gras Wood Wide refers not only to the world wide web, but also to the wood wide web.

Trees communicate with each other; underground they share nutrients and create their own ecosystem. Trees that are in contact with each other are better able to survive. Just like our company. Founded in 1868, we are as solid today as we were then, thanks to the strong bond between our sales divisions They work closely together, like a wood wide web.

Would you like to learn more? Visit our umbrella website Gras Wood Wide.